Toronto Movers

Residential moving in Toronto can be an extremely stressful and chaotic experience. Organizing the mover, packing and organizing your belongings, changing your address on your bills and mail, not to mention the stress and apprehension your children may feel about leaving their friends and changing schools, adds up to a very stressful time in your life. We understand moving is stressful, and with our over 70 years’ experience in the Toronto moving industry, we know how to make moving to your new home in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario a simple, hassle free experience.

We start your residential move by scheduling our moving appraiser to visit your current home, to assess what needs to be moved, how many items you have to move and how many boxes. Our moving appraiser will also assess width of hallways, stairs and other potential obstacles so our movers will be fully prepared when they arrive on moving day.

We supply only the best movers equipment and materials for wrapping and moving your home. We have the latest in new air-ride trucks including moving pads that are cleaned and fumigated daily. We also use upright dollies and flat bed dollies for your containers and furniture.Toronto Residential Movers

We insure that all your belongings are well protected during the moving process. We will plastic wrap all furniture and enclose your mattress and box springs into plastic bags to keep them clean and ready for use in your new home.

We offer free negligence insurance. Most Toronto movers offer similar insurance, but our moving insurance also offers various categories that you may purchase for specific articles upon discussion and disclosure of value and appraisal. Many people are not aware that your home insurance will cover your residential move and its’ contents if you notify your insurance company in advance of your move.

Our residential moving rates for moving in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario depends on the job itself. The main factors we consider with moving are the origin and destination and the number of personnel and equipment required combined with the logistics of the sites. We have a minimum of three hours of moving beginning with small residential moves in Toronto and a four hour minimum outside of Toronto, depending on the service area. We only offer our moving service within Toronto and Ontario Canada.

Most importantly, we have a moving customer representative present during every move in Toronto and Ontario in case of a moving problem; they are there to assist you in every way.