Office Movers

Moving your office requires special attention. We would need to consider boxing materials, special packaging, file boxes and plastic containers to move you safely.

We offer trained professionals, friendly and cost effective office moving services to relocate within Toronto and Ontario. Moving your business requires special attention and with our Toronto Moving Service, valuable items and equipment, delicate office machines such as colour copiers, computers, plasma and LCD screens, furnishings and art works, all need to be assessed. We can help you plan, schedule and manage your business relocation within Toronto and Ontario. Assisting you in every way, step by step, is key to a successful office move with this moving service.

Our office moving services include:

1 assembly and disassembly for office desks and other necessary pieces.

2 clean new packaging material and plastic containers are available upon consultation.

3 plastic wrap and clean moving pads.

4 a written estimate of costs is supplied to you during our office visit and an email confirmation from our trained specialists.

5 efficient use of time during crucial business hours or after hours.

6 clean new trucks and equipment

7 knowledgeable and friendly staff.

8 packing if required.

9 10% discount off labour hours for 30 day advance reservations for office moves.

10 professionally trained office moving staff with your best interests in mind.

If you are packing your own office certain approved packing materials should be used. All box's must be inventory numbered and the contents listed on the container or on a separate inventory sheet with the corresponding inventory number from the container. Contents of each desk can be named on a container such as "John's" desk contents and should be packed by the individual. Items that are not being moved should be taged " not moving" to eliminate any confusion as most Toronto moving companies prefer this.

Another consideration is dismantling of office desks or any other pieces that would require this. Other considerations are truck size and the number of workers required. Always know the square footage of your office.

Our Toronto Moving Companies services for office moving includes assembling and  disassembling all office desks and other necessary pieces. In order to do this an office visit is in order to assess the types of office furniture that you may have, the time it would take to do the work and the particular equipment necessary. We offer clean new packaging material, cardboard and plastic containers. This material is available upon consultation and the amount of material depends on the size of the move and whether the move is long distance or local. We also supply clean moving pads and plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is supplied according to the needs of the customer.

According to your move an estimate of cost is supplied to you during our office visit followed by an email confirmation from our trained professional team detailing what was discussed at that time and your particular needs including logistics, packaging if required and costs. We try to make efficient use of time during crucial business hours or after hours.

Many offices are moved during the evening hours because there is less human traffic and this tends to make the move faster and more efficient however we do move during normal working hours. The organizational aspects of a day move would be discussed during your office estimate.

As Toronto movers, we offer new air-ride straight trucks and the right equipment to move your office by our trained staff. We offer trucks up to 26 feet for your move but we do not stock trailers or any truck larger then 26 feet for commercial moving within Ontario. If you require our packing service for moving, we will come to your office site to assess your needs. Our packing assessor will determine with you what is required to pack your office and to move your office safely with the correct packaging material. The packaging will be delivered on a separate date prior to your move and the process of packing your office will begin. We assemble all packing materials before starting, tackling one area at a time and lining all containers with plastic or foam. We use also unprinted wrapping paper for containers placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. We keep all box weight to 45 up to 50 pounds only for safety reasons. All containers have a bold arrow to indicate which end is up if they are cardboard boxes and we label all containers if appropriate "Fragile".

An  inventory is kept and is also placed on the containers themselves. Each box is numbered and labeled for which area they are intended at the new site.If you reserve your move at least 30 days in advance you will receive a  discount of 10% off the labour hours deducted from your invoice on moving day. We are a very personable moving service and our staff realizes how stressful any kind of moving can be. We move your office with your best interest in mind and with the professionalism you would expect.

We give special attention to your valuable items and equipment, delicate office machines such as color copiers, computers, plasma and LCD screens, Valuable furnishings and art works. This Toronto moving company can help you plan a strategy to manage your business/commercial re-location. Three decades of experience of moving offices of every size means we can take care of your business needs including planning,packing and scheduling.

We are with you every step of the way!